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Adamson Collection: I Spit on Life
Art Gallery of Alberta: Glimmering Tapers round the Day’s Dead Sanctities
Art Gallery of Ontario: Pre-Maze, Behold Man Without God, In the Autumn of Life, We Find All Kinds of Excuses, Cold Dawn in Saskatchewan
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada/ Ministère canadien des Affaires étrangères et du Commerce international: Our World Today, Dairy Farming in Manitoba
Mayberry Fine Art: King of the Castle, Heavy Snowfall on Balsam Avenue (Looking the Other Way)
Paul Birnie: Not Going Back to Pick up a Cloak; if They are in the Fields, Mama, Ukrainian Christmas Eve (Sviatey Vechir), Hand Garden Rake/Three to get Married
Bernard Clark: Lest We Repent
Ted Clarke: Mendelssohn in Canadian Winter
Digital Image © The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA/ Art Resource, NY: Hailstorm in Alberta
Christine Guest, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts/ Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal: Farm Scene Outside Toronto, Lord That I May See
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University: The Maas Maze
Eve Kotyk: Ukrainian Canadian Farm Picnic
Ian Lefebvre: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Library and Archives Canada/ Bibliothèque et Archives Canada: You have heard that it was said… (Matthew 5:43), But I tell you, Love your enemies… (Matthew 5:44), A Man cannot be the slave of two masters… (Matthew 6:24)
©National Gallery of Canada/Musée des beaux-arts du Canada: Thy Young Skyey Blossoms Manitoba Party, The Ukrainian Pioneer (Nos. 1-6), Frame Finisher’s Glove, The Blacking Brush
Robert McNair: Farm Children’s Games in Western Canada, The Tower of Babel, The Passion of Christ, All Things Betray Thee Who Betrayest Me, Dinnertime on the Prairies, This is the Nemesis, The Hope of the World, Material Success, Harvest of Our Mere Humanism Years, He Gloats Over Our Scepticism, The Dream of Mayor Crombie in the Glen Stewart Ravine, Starting Flywheel Tractor, No Grass Grows on the Beaten Path, The Third House, Jewish Home Life in Montreal, Polish Wedding at Kaszuby, Polish-Irish Fight, One Room School at Kaszuby, Pioneer Artifacts on Display, The Isaacs Gallery Workshop
Ernest Mayer, Winnipeg Art Gallery/Musée des beaux-arts de Winnipeg: Zaporozhian Cossacks, The Airman’s Prayer, Collectables, Memorabilia, Cross Section of Vinnitsia in the Ukraine, 1939, Light Trading Day, Toronto Stock Exchange, Despondency, Parable of the Sower, Untitled (Child with Feed in Winter), The Devil’s Wedding, My First Winter in the Bush, Indian Hitchhiking from Saskatchewan Series #2, Night and the Winnipeg Flood, Studying in Winnipeg
Donald Roach, Mendel Art Gallery: How Often at Night
Stephen Topfer, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria: Industry, Parable of the Lost Sheep, Lumberjack’s Breakfast
Justin Wonnacott: When We Must Say Goodbye, My Boot

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All photographs of William Kurlek’s work are © the Estate of William Kurelek, courtesy of the Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto and may not be reproduced without the express permission of the estate and the holding institutions or individuals.